First Monday of 2015 | 新一年的第一個星期一

What a year it was for me in 2014!  It has been so much fun meeting so many inspiring and passionate entrepreneurs. How do I curate my 2015?  Well, left a paid job was a start. I do not think it is a bad start … not bad in a sense that being in an uncomfortable zone is healthy for the body and mind. Most important of all is to be thoughtful of the type of engagements one needs to establish … thoughtful in a sense that they may create platforms for ‘bigger’ things.

Let me share my current plan for the next 6 months and see what you think. This is not a list of new year resolutions.  I believe we change and pivot everyday as we get inspirations.

  1. Update my Linked-In profile by Jan 10.  There are a number of interesting and relevant connections that I made through Linked-In connections.  All of whom I would not get to know otherwise.  I also try to update it in a way to show my ‘theme’, ie. what my passion is and what my expertise lies.
  2. Get in touch again with 5 friends by Feb 10.  Don’t you have a few of those friends whom you get along well but do not meet regularly?  I had many surprises doing this exercise from time to time and got myself some new contacts that tremendously helped what I was doing at the time.  Your friends have moved on and do different things.  So do I?  Maybe there is something I can help to connect for my friends too.
  3. Finish 3 books by Mar 10.  I read too little and write too little, particularly in Chinese.  Time to brush up my language skills.
  4. Write a post about a social enterprise or an innovative charity on Facebook each week.  These will be organizations or groups that I know. I want to let more people know about them.  They deserve more resources and support.
  5.  Write at least one Chinese blog post or an article every month. Practice is key for improvement. Writing trains a different part of the brain.
  6.  Get a better grib of the application of lean start-up so that I can be more effective in discussions about business model and development with start-ups.
  7. Finish one assessment report on social return on investments.  I took a 2-day workshop in November and have not touched the notes since.  Pure laziness.  No excuse.

The list goes on… I am also in the process of setting up an impact investor club with a group of like-minded friends and also an internship/placement program for small-scale social enterprises.

Friends think that I have been lucky and that my career path has been smooth.

I agree.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

When are you going to get lucky?


是隨心還是任性? 在沒有確定下一個受薪工作的情況下, 幾天前離開了社企培訓項目的工作崗位。 就是覺得沒有太大發展, 所以離開。

我不是一個衝動的人,於正常情況下都不會這樣選擇。始終正正經經在一間機構工作,可以認識新人物, 參與活動及項目的機會較大,即是找份新工作也較容易。可是感覺就是告訴我沒有被聘, 反而有更多機會或發展空間。大概我對社會企業的發展有份天真的信心吧! 有時感覺勝於一切。 雖然人大了, 所謂的感覺是有少許根據, 但心裡偶爾也問問是否太隨意, 風險是否太大? 哈哈, 你為我評估吧!

或許太遲評估了…  不如一起看看我為未來六個月的計劃, 並給我一點意見:

1) 一月十日前更新Linked-In的個人資料。現在學習了不用害羞把自己參與的一切和大家分享, 互相知道經驗和網絡, 才可造就更多協同及合作。朋友想幫我找工作,也知道較詳細的資料。
2)二月十日前聯絡五位一年沒見的朋友。奇蹟有可能出現的。不是那麼勢利,有要事才找朋友。平日有工作在身, 太多藉口說忙碌沒有空約見。現在應該把握時間見面,可能朋友也想見見, 或許有東西我幫忙得上呢?
4)每星期於Facebook推介一個社會企業或創新的慈善機構, 讓有意義,有效率及善用資源的團體得到多些支持。
5)每月最少寫一篇中文的博文或文章, 除了生活點滴, 希望可進階到寫一些關於社企發展及創業的感想。此乃去年已想實行的事, 此篇告白是個好開始, 我會繼續努力及堅持。
6)加強掌握及靈活運用Lean Startup (精益創業)的精髓, 可以更加有效地與創業者討論新想法概念及務。 看完了第一本Lean Startup書後沒有好好研究如何實務地應用。
7) 完成最少一個SROI (社會效益回報)的報告。於十一月上了兩天課後,便沒有看過那些筆記。我這個人實在太多次的學習是半桶水, 今次要認真認真。
除了以上的目標,我參與了一些公司營運模式的檢閱及討論, 包括四個另類教育機構和五個社企。另外有群志同道合的朋友將一起創辦一間投資社企的公司,志在出心,出力,出資源,支持有潛力的社會企業。我亦有計劃辦一個為大學生於社企體驗的項目。項目提供中央管理及訓練, 解決個別小型社企沒有資源及經驗管理人力資源的問題。


我信 Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity。期望今年末出現理想的工作機會。
你的新年計劃又是什麼?  我祝願大家來年運氣每日增強,並有時間為身邊的親人, 朋友,或陌生人出多一份心和力。


  1. Sounds like a great list! And also happy that you have gotten to what you’ve always wanted to do – sharing your thoughts in Chinese as well as English! 😀 Also really enjoyed your thoughts on the constructive gossip group.

  2. Hi Ada, Thanks for sharing your blog! I think it’s important to put thoughts onto paper too. I agree, reading is a great way to expand our minds and writing is a wonderful way to express our thoughts and feelings. I’m looking forward to more of your future posts, and hope that one day I can learn to read your Chinese blog too! 🙂

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