Are you prepared for the next decade?

At dinner last night, one friend said that someone bumped into her at the MTR (underground rail in HK).  My friend stared at the person who in turn said that it was her handbag.  So, it is the handbag’s fault.

Human-centered designed was the hot thing in the past decade.  However the human race has become more self-centered. What an irony?  Maybe it was such behavior which made the human-centered design such a ‘wow’ thing.  I blame the self-centered-ness to the rise of smart phone.  Everyone has become such committed reader and learner that they eye their smartphone while they are walking, even on the busiest road.  HongKongers are especially good at this.  Our body will soon develop a sensor, just like those of insects, that can detect forthcoming objects so that we can move our directions without hitting anyone or anything.  We can save the time to move our heads and look up.

I read somewhere that schools are going to teach empathy.  To be honest, I felt a bit sad reading that article. I thought this would be something developed as we grow and interact with different people.

Sorry for talking nonsense, my only point here is that, if you want to differentiate from the rest of the talents in this planet, I think you just need to be ‘human’.  Be sensitive and considerate about other people around you.  Smell, feel, taste, hear and see things around you.

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