Pause and Reflect

2014-05-20 09.10.32

I just came back home after a month in UK and Italy.  I was glad that my first 3 weeks were spent in one place for a week.  It gave me time to take in more about the places I visited.  It was also less tiring. I saw a lot of great scenery but singled out one picture to share with all of you.  A picture of this view between Pienza and Montepulciano in Tuscany. I spent a week of half-day cooking class in a villa which was well-positioned for us to admire the rolls of hills that one would find in a typical Tuscan postcard.

We really have not spent enough time to appreciate all the lovely things around us.

The beauty of the sky and nature really soothed the body and soul.  The colours, smell and taste of nature was so refreshing.  It reinforced my belief in protecting our earth through sustainable living.  The passion of sustainable farming by the locals were encouraging despite the many challenges, from political to economical. Every country is facing similar challenges.  I am hearing the same complaints and difficulties about sustainability.  It is comforting that a lot of people are still trying their best to use the most original farming method and consumption pattern even if their neighbors may not be doing the same.

For those of you who have not taken or planned a vacation this year, please make sure you have a slow one!

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